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Folk Art Metallic Colors:

Blue Topaz 651

Emerald Green 653

Aquamarine 655

Sequin Black 661

Solid Bronze 663

Garnet Red 665

Blue Pearl 670

Inca Gold 676

Black -- (your choice)

Folk Art Acrylic Colors:

Crimson 435

Whicker White 901 (or your choice)

DecoArt Dazzling Metallics:

White Pearl DA117

DecoArt Americana:

Desert Sand DA77

Delta Ceramcoat:

Butter Yellow

Sulky Iron On Transfer Pen

Paint Surface: Apron, tote bag, or other fabric items

Suggested Directions:

1. Transfer logo pattern using Sulky Transfer pen and iron, according to directions, or by your favorite method.

2. Base coat:

  • Water – Base with Blue Pearl; shade with Blue Topaz.

  • Land - Base SC shape with Aquamarine. Shade with Emerald Green. Apply second shading with Blue Topaz

  • Seahorse- Base first with Delta Butter yellow. Second coat with Folk Art Inca Gold. Shade with Solid Bronze. Apply details with Black.

  • Paint Brush- Base handle with Black. Base ferrule with Solid Bronze. Bristles are based in Inca Gold and tipped with Emerald Green. Paint drops are Emerald Green with Black outlining.

  • Roping - Base in Desert Sand. Highlight with Inca Gold. Shade with Solid Bronze if desired. Outline with Black.

  • Life Preserver – Base coat in White. Overcoat with White Pearl.

  • Bands - Base in Crimson. Overcoat with Garnet Red if desired.

3. Outlining : All outlining and lettering can be done with Black Acrylic or permanent pen.

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