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  1. Membership dues shall be $15 per year for the regularly scheduled meetings with a due date of October 1 and a delinquent date of December 31.  An amount of $7.50 will apply if joining after June 1.

  2. For the most part, regular meetings of the chapter will be held the 1stSaturday of the month, at places determined by the Board.

  3. Board meetings will be held once a month or as determined by the Board.

  4. Installation of the officers shall take place in December.

  5. If there is a need for counters at the annual election of officers, the President will select them from the general membership attending the meeting.  The chairman of the Nominating Committee will supervise.

  6. A membership list of the chapter will be available to all chapter members.

  7. Seminar Rules

    1. Registrants are required to pay the entire fee, or as determined by a majority of the Board, upon registration.

    2. Supplies and surfaces will be paid when costs are determined.

    3. Participants may cancel and get all monies returned if done 30 days prior to the seminar.

    4. If the spot can be filled, the member who cancels less than 30 days will receive a full refund.

    5. Fees for members and non-members will be set for each seminar.

  8. There is a ‘No Smoking’ rule in effect in the room where chapter business is being conducted.

  9. The standing rules may be amended or suspended by a majority of the voters at any meeting wherein there is a quorum.

  10. Members in good standing must have paid his/her dues.

  11. The fiscal year begins January 1 and ends December 31 of the same year.

  12. A grant, not to exceed $200, may be presented annually to the President for the purpose of attending the convention held by the Society of Decorative Painters.  If the President is unable to attend, the Board may extend the offer to another officer. No member shall receive this grant more than once.

  13. Program policy

    1. Members may submit program ideas to the Board for consideration. Finished pieces or photos, along with estimated costs of surfaces and supplies, should be provided to the Board for review.

    2. If the project idea is approved by the Board, a mutually convenient date will be determined and the program will then be added to the chapter schedule.

    3. A program teacher will be paid a $100 teaching fee for a full day chapter program. The Chapter will pay for patterns and picture(s).  The teacher will be responsible for providing all needed instructions to class participants.With Board approval the Chapter Treasurer will reimburse  teachers for expenses related to the project.

  14.  Seminar policy

    1. The Seminar Chairperson will only have to pay for materials/surfaces for seminars.  The Chapter will pay for the class.

    2. The Chapter will pay for the Seminar Chairperson to eat dinner with the Seminar teacher one night during a seminar.


Standing Rules Revised: 9/20/2000

Standing Rules Accepted by Chapter: 4/06/2001

Standing Rules Revised and Accepted by Chapter: 11/06/2004

Standing Rules Revised:

Standing Rules Approved by Chapter:

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